and we climbed 富士山 (Fujisan)

The climb up, was not easy a task; the darkness shrouding the jutting rocks, the chill of the night aggravated by the never ending winds and the ice cold rain; the sore muscles and the thumbing heart, the head pounding from the lack of breathing air, the hurdles almost making me to stop and return.

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And the wheels kept rolling..

Earlier in the evening, after finishing my work at the laboratory, I got to Tsu station and got tickets to Kyoto. Unlike other times I have traveled to Kyoto, I decided to ride the longer JR line, and got tickets for the local train, that would take me to Kyoto in about 3 hours with 2 stop overs and train changes…

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The windmill that never turned and other stories

Come October, I would’ve done two years in Japan. Saying, anything like, ‘it feels like yesterday that I first landed in Nagoya’; would not be justifiable by any means, for the two years did feel like TWO YEARS, or rather, TWO EONS, to be exact. Call it time dilution, or anything, time is on a slow bike race here on the island, and at times, sure might win over the snail by quite a big margin.

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