Up Up & Away…

Mt. Gozaisho, a 1200 ft, high peak, the highest on the Suzuka ranges, is located some 50 km from Tsu, and is an ideal day’s hiking trip. It is said, Gozaisho has a different face every season. With the famous autumn foliage presented in the fall; the white snow caps in the winter; the cherry blossoms in the spring; and the lush green trees in the summer, Gozaisho sure is a destination for all seasons.

 It’s not the first time I went up Mt. Gozaisho, and it won’t be the last time either. Been up there by the rope way and have hiked up too. This time, it was hiking again. Here are some pictures that I took.

Up up and away 1 Up up and away 2 Up up and away 3 Up up and away 4 Up up and away 5 Up up and away 6 Up up and away 7 Up up and away 8 Up up and away 9

Here is a link to the photosynth I took.

How to reach there:

Road:  Gozaisho is like an hour’s drive from Tsu City. Drive north on Route 23 till you reach Kawage. Then turn left on to 306. Keep on 306 for about 35 km, till you reach Komono. Then take left on to 477 (Yunoyama Highway). At the entrance to the Suzuka Sky Line, take a left on to 752. Drive past the Yunoyamano Onsen Train station, to the rope way station. There are a couple of hiking trails that start around the rope way station. You could also drive on Suzuka Sky Line, up until Nakamichi and hike up from there.

Train: Take a train to Yokkaichi. Switch on to the Yunoyamano Onsen line at Yokkaichi. Younoyamano Onsen Eki, is the last stop on the line. There are buses that would take you from the train station to the rope way station.

Up up and away 10

Hiking trails Map (Mt. Gozaisho)

Happy Hiking!!


One thought on “Up Up & Away…

  1. Awesome. You have a way with words. Reading your article made me feel as if I was hiking through the Suzuku ranges.

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