The li’l red shoes


They came in a pair as they always do; the shoes i mean. Red; not the bright shining kind, that walk the ramps, or are photographed and portrayed on the covers of fashion magazines; a dull, rather rugged shade of that radiant colour, that often gets paralleled to Love, Bravery, Rage and the Ferrari. Not fresh out of the box, or new by any means, the shoes, by any measure, would have walked around quite a number of cake shops; cakes shops, i say, for, the shoes showed an absolute relish to all that these small institutions offered. Neither the miles nor the dull appearance, ebbed its cuteness; rather, the worn leathery texture added an element of happiness and weaved an aurora of friendliness.

Trot.. Trot.. They came by; a rendezvous designed by destiny; bringing bags of chocolates and buckets of smiles. Trot.. Trot.. They bounced along; spreading joy and flashing the brilliant smile, that went on to soak everything that came by.

Brimming with life; the little red shoes, enjoyed wandering the countryside, savouring the fresh colours of spring. The love for the mountain air and the music in the wind, saw her travel a lot; drinking in the beauty of the fresh flowers, the new grass and the freshly planted paddy.

The warmth and the smile; the sing-song voice, that told and re-told the stories and adventures of the past, the eagerness to explore the countryside, an ear for new stories; not before long, she was a friend.

The stories kept coming; the black high heels that went dancing; the five-year old flats that are still young; the hiking boots that went up the Alps, the brown ankle boots that fell in love with the black monk straps; the yellow rain boots that got to come out every time it’s cloudy and raining, the wheelchair-shoe that wished to go hiking and dancing…

Time travelled lickety-split and the cute little red shoe bade goodbye; sunglasses on her face hiding the tears that came by; but not before, she got me to promise, the next time i meet someone, i’ll for sure say hi to the shoes, for they have a story or two to tell…



4 thoughts on “The li’l red shoes

  1. I don’t know what you started to pen.. but your thoughts changed half way through..yet the outcome was wonderful.. and I loved it.. from the beginning to the end….

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