the stupid mind

oft does the mind wander,Image
onto uncharted waters of the ocean yonder.
on stupidity does it cruise,
for the mind doesn’t learn from the bruise.

brain dead am I, and always been;
the heart leads me, clear and keen.
the blood, aglow with intensity;
over, the unseen bolts of electricity.

the sea rough, the gale, the squall;
‘ride on Reason’; the friend’s call.
‘the heart’s Blue, the brain Red’,
that’s what she said!

‘riding on REASON’; the new act;
i must play to make the voyage intact;
for, world’s heart is DEAD and LAIN,
and all it boasts of, is the SHREWDNESS OF THE BRAIN!


5 thoughts on “the stupid mind

    • hmm.. during their times, they were considered big time stupids.. stupids, who thought the earth was round when all you could see was flat lands, stupids who thought you could reach India by sailing in the opposite direction, stupids who thought the sun was the center of the solar system, stupids who thought the DNA was the master information molecule and not the proteins… well the list goes on… they became the “best minds” only after the cruised across the ocean!!

  1. U r right, all genius thoughts begin with the so- called ‘stupid brain’ only. Had newton or einstein failed in their penultimate step, they might ve been condemned as stupids rather than genius thinkers.. So cruising may be stupid enough, though landing ashore after cruising is a feat 🙂

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