U made me…. “ME”

YOU came by… walked with me holding my hands… told me stories… taught me things; little and big… made me laugh, made me think… made me work, made me question…  and at the end of the walk… handed me over to the next ONE in the line, and bade me goodbye with that sweet smile, that YOU always had….

at times YOU came alone, many times you came in groups of YOU… and YOU were (are) always with me…  at times YOU scolded me and punished me, but many times YOU guided me and corrected me with YOUR magic touch… YOU opened new windows every day and showed me the world… YOU taught me to look at the world in different perspectives.. YOU taught me to question, and to find answers… YOU made ME.

i met the first of YOUR kind, at school.. i don’t remember all YOUR names.. but what I do remember is the smile, the touch, the ever-understanding nod, and the tit-bits of advice and knowledge… later through years, i met many of YOU… many who had influences on me, small and big…. many who taught me… many who advised me… many who cautioned me… many who led me… many who were like friends… many who were (and still are) role models…

YOU opened the world of letters to me, YOU led me to reading, writing and the wonders with in… YOU showed me the numbers and all the magic that came with them… YOU gave me my first pipette, guided me through my first ever dissection, showed me my first cell under the microscope, corrected my first ever circuit diagram and the first program i wrote… and then YOU polished me on all that… again and again…

i keep meeting more of YOU every now and then… and every time i meet YOU, YOU tell me new things about the world, new ways of seeing things… and every time i meet a new YOU, i remember all the others who had come by and in due time had passed on me to the next…

YOU might not be with me now, but all that YOU taught, all that YOU said, all that YOU have done.. lives in me..YOU are my TEACHER… and YOU made make me… ME


6 thoughts on “U made me…. “ME”

    • yeah.. i have been extremely lucky in having quite a number of great teachers…. but, what i feel is all teachers are good.. no bad teacher exists.. some are just better than others.. even the not so good teachers (so called bad ones) teach you loads of stuff.. we have a poem in malayalam which goes like this…
      “ആരല്ലെന്‍ ഗുരുനാഥന്‍, ആരല്ലെന്‍ ഗുരുനാഥന്‍
      പാരിതിലെല്ലാമെന്നെ പഠിപ്പിക്കുന്നുണ്ടെന്തോ”

      which means… “who is not my teacher.. for everything in this world teaches me something”

  1. Teachers are there to guide us, for according to scriptures, one learns a quarter from ones’ parents, a quarter from teachers, a third from our colleagues and friends, and the last from ourselves… As long us we remain students we never cease to learn…

  2. Teachers are good people. Some are considered bad not because they are bad human beings but because tey are in the wrong field. teaching is an art like any other.

    A Nair

  3. and above all the teachings YOU have made me to respect, recognize and love YOU while many ‘me’s have their time to despise YOU. Only that teaching, which YOU gave me made ME what i am and who knows i too may be someone’s YOU and even then that credit goes only to YOU.

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