What am I doing?

Well.. that is not a name for the blog post, but what I ask myself these days…. This blog has not seen a new post for quite some time.. blame it on me or on the frequent diversions that were provided, be it the earthquake + tsunami, the world cup followed by the ongoing IPL extravaganza, amma’s visit……

The interesting part is, though there was no new post, the blog got going.. all credit to Visa Power.  Didn’t know that there were all these people looking for, searching, googling, or doing the bing, call it whatever.. for Visa, the card, the logo, the power..  My application for the plastic power got rejected the third time, stands as an Irony.  The bank stated no reason, and the letter read… ‘due to bank regulations, your application is rejected’… But, the unsatisfied me got a new application ready and sent it today, am not stopping until they give me the card, or a better explanation!

A couple of posts are getting ready under the hood.. a travelogue, and the promised read on the Ninja… do wait for a li’l more time for me to polish it up…..

Love you all….


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