Yes! We brought the World Cup Home after 28 years… It was great… But now for more excitement.. and utter confusion.. Its IPL time! and I got no clue on which team should I be supporting.. Being an Indian, there is no option that I remain Neutral.. I got to support one team.. or may be more than one.. but never can I stay aloof…

The past editions; (yup, we call them editions not seasons for the very good reason that, this is not just sports.. but way more than that.. and yeah, it has its share of Bollywood glamor too!!) saw no reason for confusion, with all my undissolved devotion going to only one team; The Royal Challengers Bangalore. The deduction was simple enough..

  1. It is a team from Bangalore.. and I love Bangalore.
  2. They wore Red.
  3. They fielded the likes of Kallis, Taylor, Steyn, Uthappa.
  4. And the most important of all.. Rahul Dravid.

But look at it now.. RCB no longer has Dravid, Kallis, Taylor, Steyn, Uthappa… oh! yeah! they still have Kholi.. and they got Vettori, AB, Dilshan.. But!!  They still wear red, and the team is from Bangalore.. 2 reasons to support them still hold strong..

Delhi Daredevils had not been my choice of a team ever.. and this edition, doesn’t yield a change to that.. so that is one team off, 9 more to decide from.. 

Look at the other options, Uthappa, Ryder and Pandy have joined hands with Yuvraj at Pune.. and they have Smith too. not a bad reason for them to gain my attention.. and the name too strikes a note. the Pune Warriors!

Steyn & KP leaving RCB for Deccan Chargers. Had Gilchrist remained with DC, I would have chosen them..  

Gilchrist joining the Kings XI Punjab.. hmm.. should I be one of them..

The all new Knight Riders of Kolkata look promising.. Kallis, Lee, Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan.. but that is not reason enough to support them..

The Mumbai Indians.. Sachin Tendulkar.. is name enough for any Cricket fan to cheer for them, and that holds true for me too.. Add Harbhajan Singh, Pollard, Symonds and Malinga.. the MI is a great candidate.. 

The new addition The Kochi Tuskers Kerala.. now that is a team from my state.. and that is more than a reason, for me to support them.. add the Murali – Jayawardane factor.. the reason just made itself solid enough..

The Chennai Super Kings, a team led by MS, and a team which looks very little different from what they were before, strong and super… oh yeah.. they are the defending champions too.. add that all, and CSK does deserve attention!

That leaves, the Rajastan Royals.. I shout Halla Bol, for the sole reason that Rahul Dravid plays for them, and Taylor too, and Warne too.. and Blue is not a bad colour either! 

It makes matters worse, when I look at the match fixtures, RCB  playing KTK, the first match of both teams this edition.. and Gilchrist against Warne, again in their first match of this edition.. Ah!!

Think I should make a list of teams to support now.. If I ever do it.. there will again be a fight for the first spot. RCB or RR, or should it be KTK.. Well looks like I just wrote 3 team names.. hey, may be those are the teams I support.. RR coz, Dravid plays there, RCB coz they are from Bangalore and KTK, simply because they are from Kerala….

Decision made…… Let the Battle begin… 2 moths of excitement, 2 months of cheering.. 2 months of cricket and nothing but cricket….


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