It was a Sway.. more than a Shake…

First… thanks all;  for checking in to see that I was going good; let me tell you, I felt ‘Special‘, getting all those messages, knowing that, you all ‘thought’ of me…. Love you all!!!

I write this couple of days after Japan experienced one of the worst earthquakes that the world has ever seen.  Was it the quake or the tsunami that followed that made a bigger blow, well I don’t know.. or is it the imminent danger of a melt down at the nuclear reactor, the aftermath of would be a big question mark, that is giving this episode the lions’ share of the airtime…..

Here at Tsu, Mie, (find on the map) the quake was  much much weaker, but, the fact, that we, some 700 km away from the epicenter did feel it, advertises its power!  I was at Tadge‘s office, and it was he, who first noticed the slow sway of the floor.  On his alert, we all became silent, and sat staring at each other, not really doing anything.. waiting.. thinking of it now.. don’t know what we were waiting for.  The rocking motion lasted for a good 2 minutes!  And then we heard the hullabaloo from the adjacent room…. That was the 地震 (Jishin).

The 日本人 (Japanese people) around me, started acting, like pre-programmed robots… getting the news from what ever sources possible.. the internet was loaded with news, and it was just 2 minutes after the shock!!! The tsunami warning was on.. and things were happening by the micro-second… the nuclear reactors shut down automatically, the bridges closed, the people evacuated, we were all made to go to the top floors of the earthquake resistant buildings where the tsunami, if it hits, won’t reach…. messages were all over, the innocent looking loud speakers, that I always wondered, for what reason was put at different places, came to life… Messages on cell phones, radios calling out, the television and the internet doing their part, …. well, every single thing worked as if they knew what they were doing, and what they had to…. this would happen only in Japan…

And then everything became normal.. well.. at least in this part of Japan.. The Tsunami alert was still on.. and we still are on an after shock warning, I had this “what to do in the event of an earthquake/tsunami” lesson some 2 hours back…. but otherwise, it is business as usual….

It is not the same up north,(find an account here) and things are swinging between bad and worse.. and the big ? looms over the nuclear reactors… My heart goes to all those who are amid the tensions.. and I join the million minds around the globe in prayers…..

Here are some resources, which you may use to get more news….

NHK World, FMYY, Google crisis response, Google person finder


2 thoughts on “It was a Sway.. more than a Shake…

  1. When Rajitha called up, I was not aware of the incident… then as my mobile continued to ring and people from remote places started asking about you… I don’t know what i felt… but someone from within was telling me ” you are safe… ” ..I was sure you are…..and I continue to trust that inner feeling… May be that is what we name GOD !!

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