Kalamandalam Tanzania


A 60-year-old organisation, standing deep-rooted and strong, spreading its branches to the far reaches of Tanzania, working in social and cultural fronts, driven by the concerted minds and dreams of the Malayali community in Dar es Salaam, that is Kalamandalam in a Nutshell.


Mid day meal provided to orphanages by Kalamandalam

Had it not had the enduring mark of Kalamandalam, the story of my life in Tanzania, would have been different.  I became a part of this great organization, the week, I landed in Dar es Salaam.  From then till the day, I said Kwaheri to Dar, this organization was part and parcel of my story.

A Scene from "Ezhurathrikal" Staged by Kalamandalam

A Scene from "Ezhurathrikal" Staged by Kalamandalam

Kalamandalam Tanzania, started as the Malabar Club in the late 1950s. The Malabar Club later on became Kalamandalam, and then Kalamandalam Tanzania.. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…


"Sakunthalam 2010" staged by Kalamandalam

Kalamandalam Tanzania, organizes cultural programmes hosted and performed by its members.  Sports and Games events, discussions and debates also form part of the organization’s agenda.  Kalamandalam also has the privilege of hosting the Indian Independence Day celebrations at Dar es Salaam. (Videos of some programs may be found here)

Sports and Games Event - 2010




Kalamandalam Tanzania, promotes social and charity work in Tanzania. Building, and refurbishing school buildings, providing lunch at orphanages and medicines to hospitals, Kalamandalam Tanzania does it all…


Many thanks to this great organization, and all the people associated, for allowing me to be a part of it.

Kalamandalam Tanzania, being the face of the Malayalee population, and in the greater context, representing India as a whole in the African soil has a great role to play in the Indo-Tanzanian relations.  This; Kalamandalam is able to perform, with great perfection..

Talking of Indo-African relations.. let me end this post with a poem penned by President Abdul Kalam..

I am the Indian Ocean

Surge of my waves and their mystical themes,

Embracing Bombay and Dar-es in hold

We all belong to the cradle of earth;

Same human civilization pervades us all.

Generations of life in these lands,

were like waves-Rising and falling and melting in time.

Baobabs and Banyans stood witness to these cycles.

Bondage of slavery and foreigners yoke,

Are gone with the past and power now to people.

Gandhiji and Nyerere’s nobility and soul strength

Got thy, the freedom, and now you have a mission.

Enlightened youths; now you have to sweat,

For making thy people prosperous and happy,

For you are the greatest hope for this part of globe.


5 thoughts on “Kalamandalam Tanzania

  1. In the 1950’s there was a social club in Dar es salaam , The malabar club catering mainly for the malyalees of Malabar. There was no cultural activities conducted.
    The formation of the Kerala Kala Mandalam in 1956 was the brain child of Sri V. Sukumaran Nair ( Suku as he was affectionately known).The founder members included M.R.B. Nair, the late vakil Pillai
    and few others. KKM was not in any way afiliated to malabar Club. With the rise and popularity of KKM , Malabar club eventually dissolved itself.
    By 1970’s the membership included the entire Malayalees of Daressalaam plus many Tamil speaking families and it was decided to change the name to Kalamandalam.

    I was a resident of Dar es slaam for several years (till end 1977) and was an active committee member .

    Aniyan Nair
    New Jersey, U.S.A
    September, 2011

    • Hi,

      That’s lot of history.. thanks very much for posting it here…

      Kalamandalam did play a great part in my two and a half year stint in Tanzania.. It was a great experience, and gave real good memories..

      Thanks again for posting your comments..


      • Hi Vipin,

        Nice to hear that. Anyone who has spent time in Tanzania would say the same. That is because those folks are a unique lot. In Daressalaam Malayalees co-exist as a family. There is no class distinction. Everyone knows everyone. In those days we had a very enjoyable time. If there was no activity, we created it. We celebrated Onam, Xmas, and Vishu with grand Sadhya AND VERIETY ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS and music. We had at least one stage play every month and trips to national parks, picnics and many other activities. I still remember my old schools, H.H.The Agakhan School and later Mawenzi Secondary School in Moshi, and Indian Secondary School in Daressalaam. During my 30 plus years in Tanzania
        I have also lived in almost all the towns in Tanzania, from Daresslaam to Mwanza, Njombe to Lindi and Mtwara, Iringa to Musoma, Singida and Morogoro. I had several great friends whom I miss very much.

        Aniyan Nair
        September, 2011

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