A day with the Indian Navy

The Indian Navy, on a Friendship Mission visited Dar es Salaam on the 27th of August.  Four Indian War Ships, INSTabar, INS Mysore, INS Ganga and INS Aditya anchored at Dar port for four days.  The ships were open for the public and guided tours of the ships were conducted by the Indian Navy.

We too took this guided exploration and were overwhelmed by the might of these ships.  The Frigate INS Tabar aka “The Battle Axe”, carrying the BrahMos, was the star attraction.  The mighty gun with a range of 12-15 km, the rocket launcher and the multi-functional helicopters, everything with this was a told and presented with awe and pride.

INS Aditya aka “The Annapoorneshwari of the Indian Navy”, a mighty tanker with a net weight of 20,000 tons, and a carrying capacity of about 10,000 tons, INS Mysore, with its destroying power and the anti submarine frigate INS Ganga left the public thunderstruck with wonder.

When we were finished with the tour, all we felt like doing was to Salute the great Indian Navy and Bow before the sailors and officers and promise that we will remember them in our prayers..


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