Together WE Change the WORLD

The tintinnabulation that voluminously swells,

Fill my heart with warmth and a blast.

The fun and game we had;

Triumphed by none other, but another of that.

Yes, it is Kudumbakam the last;

That takes me up on cloud nine.

The gloom of the rains;

Washed out by the cheers.

The warmth of togetherness;

Booing out the colds outside.

The leaky roof, not in a way to stop us.

The wings of Kudumbakam, holding us together.

The hit and the miss,

The quiz and the riddle,

The parade in the saree, and the fight for the shirts,

The teams battling with might and vigour,

The score board saying it all,

Laughing and singing all the way,

Shouting out; all in the game.

But the moments I cherish the most,

Are neither the games nor the songs,

Well, my mind can’t fix on the best; So writing it all.

One for sure, is the stories told,

‘Walking down the memory lane’; It was called.

Heard of Cheria Muthashan’s visit to Valanchery,

And Thankam Aunty and Leela Aunty climbing the mango trees.

The chronicles of yesteryears;

Narrated with a dash of romance.

Another; is what, WE did, the day afore,

Together we had worked the whole night

The show to be put up

The quizzes made and the snakes and ladders drawn

The schedules drawn and the teams made,

Fun unlimited, and the fruits charming.

The merry bells keep ringing,

The limits of it knowing no bounds.

For Kudumbakam speaks out aloud

‘Together we change the world’.


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