Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick tock, tick tock, goes the clock,
Tick tock, tick tock, it never stops,
Ever since, time began,
Tick tock, tick tock; tick tock, tick tock.

The Big Bang started it all.
Or, did it start even before that?
Not any one knows when it began,
But time continues to move on.

At times it crawls, at times it jogs,
But, many a time it races,
And, leaves everything far behind.
Tick tock, tick tock.

Never does it stop; never does it slog,
Never for anyone; never for anything,
The clock goes tick tock; And makes
The spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Like the river, that flows and flows
And never stops, before reaching the sea,
Time flows and flows; But to where?
No one knows.
Perhaps, to another of that Big Bang,
Where it all, will come to a stop.

The bud becomes the flower,
The young becomes the old.
Today becomes yesterday,
The will becomes the was,
Time doesn’t care,
For it goes; tick tock, tick tock.

What will I do if I could stop time?
Where will I stop it?

Back, when I was at school;
Among all those good friends,
When, I too like time
Bothered nothing and went along with,
All that I wanted done.

Or should stop it, after that?
When I was at college,
With fewer but more closer friends,
When we were least bothered
By time, or by anything.

Or should I wait, wait for
Another of those wonderful moments
That come and go bye,
And, I like a child, wonder,
Why, anyone can’t stop it go bye?

What is time? I ask myself,
What is it that makes it go on?
The earth going round the sun,
The pure physics of it,
Or some powers unknown.

Fascinated by the ways of time,
I once broke open a clock,
To find the magic that drives time.
All I could find was some wheels,
The toothed wheels, that by mechanic sync
Carries the hands in motion forward.
Are these, what people call;
The wheels of time, that drives us all?

Time is money, people say.
Wasting time is a sin, they can’t stand.
Procrastination, they say thieves time,
But all that doesn’t answer,
What is time?

Time is that, which takes us forward.
To the tomorrows and the day afters
Time is that which brings hope
Of brighter things that lay ahead.
Time is that wonderful medicine,
That heals yesterdays’ wounds,
And brings about the change.

Time brightens hope, time brings happiness,
Time cures sorrows and at times bring more,
Time wounds; time heals
Time takes revenge; time forgives,
Time brings love; time spawns hatred,
Time wages wars; time talks peace,
Time forgets; time challenges.
Time builds walls and breaks them,
Time make leaders and falls them,

If, there is one thing, that I love about time,
It is the, memories that it leaves behind.

Memories, sweet, memories dark,
Memories bright, memories sour
Memories that make us strong,
Memories that turn us weak,
Memories that make us live,
And face the changes that time brings.

People talk of good times and bad times,
Time of war, and time of peace,
Time when Gandhi was shot, and
Time when man stepped on moon,
These are the memories that time has left,
The signature of yesterday,
The textbook for tomorrow.

Memories too fade with time,
But, I want mine to be kept ashine,
Scrapbooks or photographs,
Journals or videos,
I am at war with time,
To keep my memories bright.

Know not, me or time, who will win?
All I know is one thing;
Long after, my memories fade,
Time will still go, tick tock, tick tock…


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