Kudumbakam 08. An ode

Kudumbakam – 08: An Ode

Yet again, it is time;
For time does fly and never gives a dime!
Yet again, it is time;
To pen, one more of those sweet memories of mine.

I think of Kudumbakam the last,
For that thing; that has touched my heart.
Not long do I have to ponder,
For it’s bright and clear, and not that yonder.

Time does fly, and fly does it fast!
Today and tomorrow, fast becomes past!
What remains after its flight?
Nothing, but memories, deep and bright.

And memories make you light and shine,
Deep in works and sorrows of thine.
For that is what Kudumbakam is for
To give us all memories; bright and more.

Back to Kudumbakam the last, I go,
And fetch the sweet memory that I know.
Thinking of it makes me bright and glow
For it is packed in love and a halo.

It is the song that we all sung,
That took my mind to another rung.
It was not ‘another song’ that Unnimani mama made us sing.
This one had a ring and a ting!!

When the song urged us not to say a Good bye,
It was the ring and the ting that came by.
Why should we say good bye;
When we never are going bye bye!!

Ain’t that what Kudumbakam tells us;
To be at home with more of us;
To be a unit closer and closer;
And never let anyone wander and wobbler.

This goes ting tong in the heart of mine;
And ting tong will it go, as long as I dine.
And for ever be Kudumbakam, right and rhyme;
Fragrant and sweet as rosemary and thyme.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana…
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana…

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