Forgive us Not

Forgive us Not

Is it the war; or is it the terrorist;
That makes me feel like writing?
Is it the Presidents’ speech; or the Books’ words;
That urges me to put this on paper?
I know not, what makes me do it;
But, I just felt like putting it down.
I know not, if it’ll clear my thoughts;
But, I start writing, and the thoughts follow.

The Book preaches on happiness and sins;
Punishments for sins, and even supports war.
The Book says, the sinners got to die,
And war is the ultimate answer.
But those clippings on the telly have been
Haunting me, haunting me and haunting me.
I don’t see much of news these days,
But images just strike when you surf the channels.

Is it the Book; or is it the boundaries;
Is it the ego; or is it the animal instinct;
Is it greed; or is it God himself;
That makes brutes of men?
That makes mass murders and killings legal?
Is it shear chance or pure choice,
That we are here at this point of time,
Where war is everything?

Where are the Books that taught us peace?
Where are the Gods and Leaders who preached humanity?
Are these the same books that make us go to war?
Have the Gods changed colours and made war the game plan?
Is it another way of the heavens to bring peace to the worlds?
After all, He is the one, who sent his own Son to death,
To make human kind understand the value of sufferings!

Whatever be it, it’s high time we turn an eye to it.
It’s high time we fly the white flags again.
If not; we may never exist on this planet
Ever to repent on what we had done.
Gods, forgive us this one time.
Gods, Forgive us not; never again,
For, we know what we are doing;
And we are here by pure choice!


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