Why Blog?

I had no idea of blogging and why people blog.  Well, to be honest, don’t have much idea of it even now. Had heard of blogs and blogging many a time, but had never tried my hand at that.  Had this idea of starting up a blog, when I saw this windows live writer tool.  It looked interesting, and was also a nice way of killing time.

It all started when I first got windows live writer.  The first thing that I thought, I would do, was to make a blog on biotechnology and stuff like that.  I had started on it and actually had a post there for a couple of months.


Then I lost interest.  Why add up to the jargon on biotechnology available on the net.  I am not going to put anything new there.  What I put may be differently written but the idea will be one and the same:

‘Biotechnology the new saviour of man’.


It was then, one of my cousins sent me her blog address, and asked me too to start blogging.  Well, can’t tell that was the inspiration. It might have been one. But again, it had happened a couple of weeks back, and I really don’t know why, I suddenly had this feeling of blogging, write now.

All i can tell is that, I opened my blog after a long long time. Deleted all the stuff (there wasn’t much, just 2 entries to be exact) and started writing all this up. And I got no idea, when I’ll opening it again, and when I am going to put the next entry.

Hope it happens soon. And, hope I have a good idea on what to put by that time.


What's your say?

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