Brooklyn Museum - woodblock print of Mount Fuji

and we climbed 富士山 (Fujisan)

The climb up, was not easy a task; the darkness shrouding the jutting rocks, the chill of the night aggravated by the never ending winds and the ice cold rain; the sore muscles and the thumbing heart, the head pounding from the lack of breathing air, the hurdles almost making me to stop and return.

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And the wheels kept rolling..

Earlier in the evening, after finishing my work at the laboratory, I got to Tsu station and got tickets to Kyoto. Unlike other times I have traveled to Kyoto, I decided to ride the longer JR line, and got tickets for the local train, that would take me to Kyoto in about 3 hours with 2 stop overs and train changes…

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Up up and away 9

Up Up & Away…

Mt. Gozaisho, a 1200 ft, high peak, the highest on the Suzuka ranges, is located some 50 km from Tsu, and is an ideal day’s hiking trip.

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